Thursday, November 3, 2016

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Sixty seconds of fame...

In fall of 2009 hubby and I were blessed to be extras in the Robert Redford film, The Conspirator, filmed in Savannah, GA.
During my second night of filming, I was chosen to portray Mrs. Stanton, wife of Secretary of War Stanton, played by Kevin Kline. At first glance I did not recognize the 6'2" actor due to his facial hair and the fact that I always believed him to be short and stocky in stature.
After several takes, all actors in the scene stood along the street while the set was altered. The tall gentleman whom I recognized but had yet to identify looked at me and asked,
"Are you from Savannah?"
"No, I'm from Beaufort."
"I made a film there once," he replied.
"Really what film?"
 "The Big Chill."
Astounded, I responded excitedly, "Oh good gracious, you're Kevin Kline!"
Dismayed by my shock he responded, "Yeah."
For the rest of the evening he questioned me about my family, career, and daily life. One would have thought I was the star and he was the extra. He was respectful, kind, and held intellectual conversations with me about my job as a school psychologist. 
My filming time with Kevin would total 28 hours over two nights. I treasure these memories and count the movie as one of my top five life experiences.
In addition, I saw a completely different aspect of a favored pastime; movies.
The amount of attention and detail given to each scene was artistic and labor intensive. Films are truly a work of art and dedication.
For nearly a year and a half I anxiously awaited the premier praying my scene would not find its way to the cutting room floor.
On a Friday night in April of 2011 I sat in a movie theatre with hubby and best friends, Christine and Fred Lanning, watching the premier of The Conspirator.
Much to my delight my scene made it into the movie!
Twenty-eight hours of filming for a sixty second scene.
It may not have been much in the way of onscreen time but it's an experience I will treasure for a lifetime.

Blessings from The Parlor:).


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