Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday Meanderings

Historic home living is an ongoing search for answers. When God blessed us with our 1890 Victorian cottage six years ago I was ecstatic (I had stalked the house for ten years prior:). Because her condition was less than favorable when the previous owner acquired her, a complete gut job was needed and thus,
very little of her original interior remained.
Over the years we have been thrilled when stumbling upon any remnant of her original history.
I treasure any scrap of the past found in the yard whether it's shards of old bottles or marbles. Two of my favorite pieces are the bottom of an old coke bottle marked 'Beaufort, SC' and a cobalt blue marble. 
These items were discovered when hubby and Casey Chucta repaired the front porch years ago. The glass shards are proudly displayed in the kitchen window.

But yesterday was the big find!
Hubby crawled beneath the house and found...
a completely intact Coke bottle marked 'Beaufort, SC' on the bottom!
Of course, it is now housed with the other treasures.
This new piece of the puzzle leads me to wonder, were the bottles thrown on the ground under the house when the men were constructing the middle addition in the early twentieth century or were previous tenants fans of Coca Cola? Perhaps one of the former owners worked at the Coca Cola bottling plant in the early part of the last century.
Regardless, it is fun to imagine how and why these things are connected to the history of our home.
Hopefully we will find more treasures in the years to come to answer these questions and lead us to new discoveries of our home's hidden past.

Blessings from The Parlor:).


  1. Hi Kim, I enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your Victorian cottage, lucky you! How fun to find little treasures from your cottage's past!