Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Kramer Chronicles Revisited-Going Bananas

Well it's me Kramer, still waiting for my mom to pay attention to me.
This is really getting on my nerves which means I only have one option...
to relax with my catnip banana.
 Yes, you heard me right-I said catnip banana.
Any cat can play with a catnip mouse but how many can say they have a catnip banana?
 First you roll around on it.
 Watch me play 'air guitar'.
Catnip fever, doo doo doo, catnip fever, da da da da!
 Oooh...everything is spinnin!
Where's that banana?
 Oh no, I 'm seeing two toys now.
 Maybe if I fall down, I mean lay down, for a minute the double vision will subside...
 Yikes, something moved!
I better attack it!
 Oh, look at that cute little paw...
 look at cute little me...
Hmmm...I'm feeling a bit tired all of a sudden. 
 Ahhh, I just need to take a little nap...
 Boy, it's bright in here...
who turned up the lights?
 I better rest a bit until this headache goes away.
Until next time,
Purrs and Meows,

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